Sustainability report 2017/18

Personnel development: individual and targeted support

At KHS, Personnel Development (PD) communicates the concept of sustainability to the most important resource of any company. Our PD team sees itself as an internal service provider to whom the individual needs of our employees are particularly important.

The personnel development team develops education and training opportunities specifically for KHS employees. The aim is to provide each employee with professional and personal training. We also want to create framework conditions that support our employees in the best possible way in order to enable them to work effectively and efficiently now and in the future. This is why the subject of employee loyalty also plays a decisive role in the development of human resources.

Key figures, education and training

  2017 2018

In-house training courses



Personnel development activities1



Trained employees



Expenditures for training2
(e.g. campus, single courses, etc.) (in € thousand)



1: Fewer individual measures as these are bundled to create courses of further training.
2: Costs saved by the KHS Future program.

Dr. Robert Grefrath is responsible for Personnel Development at KHS.

Personnel development as an in-house service

Qualified, motivated, and satisfied employees are most important factor of our success. In order to gain the loyalty of these employees to our company in the long run, we make every effort to offer them attractive and long-term career perspectives. We achieve this through targeted and individual career and development planning, regular employee appraisals, the creation of talent pools and a structured knowledge transfer. For our managers, we have launched a special development program.


Acting farsightedly

Because the development of the markets often requires changes in the qualification profiles of employees, continuous and agile personnel development is an important key to the future. We are constantly adapting our continuing education program in order to remain competitive on current topics such as IoT and Industry 4.0.

Consistent promotion bears fruit

We permanently hire an average of eighty percent of our apprentices every year. They are still active today and are traveling around the world for KHS at locations such as our installation sites, in the Service Dept. and at our other sites in a wide range of different departments such as Design Engineering and Product Support. Many KHS colleagues began their careers at KHS during their studies - as student interns, trainees or while completing their bachelor or master thesis. They have remained with KHS because they value the innovative work environment and the rapid transfer of responsibility. And today, we can regard all trainee programs carried out at KHS to date as successful. Most of the employees who have started their professional careers at KHS in the past five years have developed their skills as equally comprehensively as well as profoundly. They are already working in positions that have a decisive influence on the future of KHS.