Sustainability report 2021/22

Product responsibility

Focus on customer requirements

Focus on customer requirements

Our responsibility for sustainable machine and packaging systems

KHS is a reliable partner to the beverage industry, supplying it with future-proof filling and packaging systems. Besides being safe to operate with effective process monitoring, our plant engineering must function reliably for many years while saving on energy and resources. In order to continue to exploit potential for optimization of operations, KHS is constantly developing its product portfolio. Our new and further developments are therefore primarily geared towards modularization, individualization and digitalization of lines and machines. We also offer a multitude of improvements in this context as conversions or expansion options for existing production setups. This permits our customers to quickly, easily and reliably adapt and scale their production lines to new packaging formats while using fewer and fewer materials.

KHS always focuses on producing a beverage that is perfectly packaged with regard to product protection, marketing and the environment. In view of the continuing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly yet safe and practical packaging, we optimize our equipment to ensure an efficient, ergonomic and reliable production process and offer the beverage industry innovative packaging systems. In the face of the ecological, social and health challenges presented by our increasing exploitation of resources, resulting in more and more toxic emissions being released into the atmosphere, we check and appraise alternative materials such as recyclate or paper and cardboard for packaging. In doing so – and in tune with Salzgitter Group strategy – we wish to help reduce the consumption of virgin materials and fossil sources and improve the recyclability of packaging. Many of our developments thus concentrate on [r]PET container systems and secondary packaging.

The demands made of our filling and packaging machinery are many and varied. With our systematic program of quality and innovation management we help to make sure that our lines and machines can be reliably operated throughout their entire service life in a manner that is gentle on resources. Talks with customer and dedicated workshops allow us to systematically record specific requirements regarding future product developments. This holds particular relevance for concrete sustainability targets and the challenges these pose, such as handling resources so that they demonstrably cut greenhouse gas emissions in system operation. Where packaging is concerned, in the future it will be important to use as little material as possible and to feed this back into a recycling system.

With our product developments we want to help shape our customers’ value creation processes in the long term by providing them with efficient, resource-saving systems and solutions.

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