Sustainability report 2021/22

Energy and resource efficiency through production optimization

The efficient use of energy and resources in our production processes is a key focus of our energy and environmental management system and an important pillar of KHS’ ecological balance.

Short manufacturing and assembly lead times generally help to make production gentler on the consumption of energy and resources. Here, we center especially on the material flow in production and our use of consumables.

In 2021 three chief materials were used throughout the entire KHS Group: in total, approximately 8,800 tons of stainless steel, 7,500 tons of carbon steel and 1,800 tons of plastic were procured and assembled – partly in an intermediate process at our in-house production unit on site.

When producing components, fewer resources are consumed if several manufacturing steps are carried out on just one machine. KHS’ Sheet Metal Manufacturing Department impressively illustrates, for instance, how a number of different work processes can be performed on one combined punching/laser machine. Automation cuts down on the consumption of energy and media (such as industrial gases) and the amount of transportation required within the company. Prior to production, 3D simulation of our sheet metal bending processes is used to check for plausibility and for validation; this advance technical clarification procedure results in far fewer rejections. In addition, energy-efficient conveying technology at our sheet metal warehouse enables energy to be partially recovered.

Closed loops, waste separation concept and returnable load carriers

We are making further key contributions to the conservation of resources by changing over to ecofriendly materials and closed loop systems and by reducing or avoiding waste and the influx of contaminants. Furthermore, in spring 2023 a new waste separation concept was introduced in production that is already in use in two pilot areas at our Dortmund factory. It will be successively rolled out to our other KHS production sites.