Sustainability report 2019/20

Operational ecology

Corporate environmental protection in focus

Corporate environmental protection in focus

Meeting demands and setting targets

As one of the world's leading providers of beverage filling and packaging systems we are well aware of our great responsibility to the protection of the environment. To be able to produce efficient, future-proof products, energy and resources need to be consumed: water, electricity, natural gas and fuel are required for production and intralogistics, our offices and vehicle fleet and for structural extensions of and modernizations to our production sites. For us, further optimizing consumption levels for the above will be one of the most important tasks in the coming years. For protecting the environment as a company not only tarries with our own understanding of responsible and sustainable business practice; our customers also expect it of us. Through our commitment to corporate environmental management, as a supplier we pay into our clients’ balance. The growing significance of corporate environmental protection is also mirrored in the increasing scarcity of resources, number of regulatory requirements and expectations customers, financial markets and society have of the company.  

All told, by exercising corporate environmental protection we can create huge leverage: with each optimization in relation to climate protection and energy and resource efficiency we achieve a much better overall balance for the environment – and thus also generate potential financial savings. Find out more about our environmental management program and the measures we are taking in production, logistics and transportation. 

From 2021 we want to continue gradually phasing out the use of fossil energy such as natural gas, heating oil and diesel in favor of other sources of energy where possible. We have set clear reduction targets by 2025 for the four resources and energy carriers natural gas, electricity, water and diesel. These targets are regularly monitored by our environmental and energy management system and realigned if there is any substantial change in circumstances.  


Our goals for 2025

Energy consumption within the KHS Group Status quo1 Target for 2025² 

Electricity consumption

- 7,44 % 

- 8,9 %

Heating consumption [natural gas, heating oil]

- 4,47 % 

- 4,9 % 

Water consumption

- 43,8 %³ 

+1,1 %4


1as of 2020; percentages refer to base year 2018. 
²percentages refer to base year 2018. 
³significant savings thanks to the introduction of home office measures at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
4slight increase in absolute values as a result of the rising number of commissioned lines/machines. Our aim continues to be to keep water consumption down to a minimum in individual cases. 

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