Sustainability report 2021/22

Operational ecology

Corporate environmental protection in focus

Corporate environmental protection at KHS

Energy and resource efficiency targets

As one of the world’s leading providers of beverage filling and packaging systems we are well aware of our responsibility to act in an environmentally-friendly manner. KHS questions the consequences of the impact its production operations have on the climate and our natural surroundings and aligns its business and manufacturing activities with decarbonization and resource-conserving targets. KHS makes products that require the use of energy and resources. Further reducing the amount of the above needed by our company is one of our key tasks in the coming years and tarries with our own understanding of responsible and sustainable business practice. The growing significance of corporate climate and environmental protection is also mirrored in the current geopolitical crisis with its insecure energy supply and unstable global supply chains, in the increasing number of regulatory requirements and the expectations customers, financial markets and society have of our company.  

All told, by exercising corporate environmental protection we can create considerable leverage: with each optimization in relation to climate protection and energy and resource efficiency, we achieve a much better overall balance for the environment – and at the same time also improve our economic basis and efficiency.  

Decarbonization measures implemented as part of our corporate climate and environmental protection program also reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and thus help to boost the security of supply. This further illustrates how KHS exercises corporate responsibility, particularly with regard to the energy crisis in 2022. 

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