Sustainability report 2019/20

Local commitment – our obligation to our site locations

Focus on education and science

Our policy of social commitment is derived from Salzgitter AG's group-wide site concept that defines criteria for the systematic and transparent promotion of cultural, social and sports projects and initiatives. One of the key aims of this is to improve the quality of life in the communities where our employees live. This is turn endeavors to strengthen and make visible the regional commitment shown by our respective company production sites. KHS’ commitment to society thus primarily takes place at a local level. A total of € 96,000 was donated to charitable projects in the 2019 reporting year. 

In many instances requests for assistance are directly addressed to us by our committed employees who know and are an active part of projects worthy of support. It is worth mentioning that in certain cases our personnel waive their own premiums to the benefit of charitable institutions – such as the Control Cabinet Manufacture Final Assembly team who have financially supported the St. Vincent Jugendhilfe e.V. in Dortmund. The successful social ‘wish tree’ project in Dortmund that grants children at a local hospice a Christmas wish was also initiated by KHS employees.  

Our international factories also have close ties with the towns and communities where KHS’ production sites are located. 

Many of them have represented the company since the 1970s and 1980s – and not just as regards KHS’ quality products and local services for regional customers. For example, the close, personal relations the KHS factory in Waukesha, USA, enjoys with its employees and their direct social environment has prompted it to offer support for many years by committing to various charitable or voluntary projects, for example. 

Focus on education and science

Our commitment to society at a local level focuses on sponsoring community projects on the one hand, such as the Dortmund food bank, and on running long-term scientific and educational projects on the other. We see the latter as an important opportunity to introduce future jobseekers early on to the many different careers on offer at KHS. At our plants in Dortmund and Kleve especially lots of long-term partnerships have already been formed as a result.

  • Commitment in schools

As part of our educational partnerships with schools we present our spectrum of apprenticeship and job profiles locally. In doing so, we make direct contact with school students and offer them extensive advice on related topics such as their personal life plans and career paths.

Moreover, we sponsor school classes and support various teaching formats with our expertise and materials. School students also have the chance to get to know our factories in situ. Here, they are given a full insight into what their future workplace and field of activity could look like. This includes all aspects relevant to work, such as responsibility, corporate co-determination, in-house commitment and training courses to encourage and strengthen personal and social skills. This direct exchange is of great benefit to all those involved.

  • Commitment at universities

Supporting science and scholarship is of especial importance to KHS. This is not just because extremely high demands are made of our own products and services and we attach great value to giving these a scientific basis; we also believe independent research and development to be crucial to progress and the future.

At university level, in Dortmund we work closely with the local technical university (TU) and Graduate School of Logistics. We demonstrate commitment in this field by staging practical days for students or degree lectures for the Chair of Corporate Logistics. We also take part in the LeanIng student corporate consultancy program. At both the TU and University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg we present models from our dual work/study program. We are also constantly intensifying our cooperation: the plan is for KHS to expand its expert lectures on technical topics so that these become a fixed feature of the local courses of study.

Awareness for the protection of the environment

In our partnerships with educational institutions issues relevant to the environment are also always on our agenda. Whether specialist lectures at the university or when introducing school students to our many different jobs, we always actively address environmental protection issues and invite students to reflect on and discuss these together.


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