Sustainability report 2019/20

Energy efficiency across the board

Cutting down on gas, electricity, water, CO2 and waste

With our system of environmental and energy management we want to make our contribution to the protection of the climate and the environment. The central approaches being driven locally at our various production sites are intended to boost energy and resource efficiency and help us switch over to regenerative sources of energy.

We have defined concrete measures that put our environmental and energy management policy into practice not just for the manufacture of our plant machinery in our production shops but also for the entire production environment, including our offices, vehicle fleet and logistics setup, for example. Taken together, this gives us considerable potential when it comes to protecting the climate and using energy and resources efficiently.

The heating energy we need for our buildings is currently still being provided by fossil fuels – chiefly by natural gas but also on a smaller scale by heating oil. From 2020 onwards we intended to replace the use of heating oil with other sources of energy. However, owing to the pandemic and all the consequences thereof, this endeavor has been rescheduled for 2021. We need electricity at all of our plants for our production machines, the lighting and air conditioning of our buildings, our IT infrastructure and the operation of our equipment. Our projects designed to boost energy and resource efficiency by optimizing production make a major contribution here.

Furthermore, we have also been able to yield substantial efficiency benefits through technical innovations in the production environment. We are continuously searching for further potential areas of optimization. Regarding lighting, in 2019 we changed the lights with each office refurbishment and also in the course of several individual projects. We have also installed new lamps in our building technology system to facilitate intelligent lighting control and thus enable savings to be made. The projects implemented in 2019 and 2020 have resulted in using 702,233 kWh less per annum.

As part of our commitment to climate protection, KHS in Germany has been using electricity from renewable sources since 2016. The power companies we use confirm this by issuing appropriate green power certificates. Through this we were able to save a total of 10,868 metric tons in CO2 emissions in 2019 and 2020.

Involving our employees

Water is used at KHS for a number of different reasons: in our kitchens and sanitary facilities and in test runs of our machines, with water used at the sites where they are manufactured – Dortmund for our pasteurizers and washing machines and Bad Kreuznach for our process engineering systems and filling machines. In exceptional cases a fire water pond also has to be filled. As a rule, we aim to use as little water as possible.

702,233 kWh/a

less use

10,868 t

CO2 emissions saved