Sustainability report 2017/18

Occupational health and safety: Commitment with a success factor

For us, occupational health and safety means our responsibility for maintaining the well-being of all employees. Occupational health and safety is more than an obligation for KHS. We know that safety and health-conscious actions make a decisive contribution to the success of our company.


Physical well-being at work is a requirement of the German constitution, the Basic Law, and is firmly anchored in many statutes around the globe. Occupational safety and health protection are aimed at meeting this requirement. Measures such as risk assessments, including fire safety, building safety and security, manufacturing process and hazardous material management, are practical approaches that ensure the safety and health of people working for KHS worldwide. Occupational safety and health protection are more than just a legal obligation for KHS. For us, they are also instruments for achieving employee loyalty. Our long-term goal is therefore not only to prevent accidents, but also to continuously bolster the health of our employees and their awareness of their own well-being. We show and prove to our employees every day how important they are to us. People who go to work with the awareness that their employer is doing everything it can to bring them home safe and sound every day enjoy working, remain productive in the long term, and have a relationship based on trust with their company.

Heiko Stötzel, Manager HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) is pleased about the Duty of Care award.

Extensive package of measures

Our commitment to travel risk management is particularly innovative in this context: With travel risk management, we ensure that our employees are fully covered on business trips and receive advice and support as needed on site. We have expanded this service considerably in recent years: by providing full resources and complete information on business trips, risk assessments in the project offer and pre-project states, and effective crisis management in case of emergencies, we are able to ensure the safety of employees on the one hand while creating a sense of security among our traveling employees on the other. We involve our customers to some extent in the chain of measures to ensure safe completion of the project process. We are especially pleased to have been presented the Duty of Care Award in 2017.

With our crisis management and external security audit, we have developed important measures that guarantee the safety and health of our employees holistically when working on particularly demanding customer projects. We have installed personal emergency call systems to protect against hazards that may arise when employees work alone. We additionally provide our employees with individual prescription safety glasses. We have successfully completed all monitoring audits for ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. All KHS locations are SEDEX certified. By carrying out regular in-house communication campaigns on occupational safety, we sensitize and inform our employees continuously regarding this essentially important topic. We are currently planning to purchase an occupational safety software package to help us to bundle processes and to create holistic risk assessments. The company health management program has been revamped with cooperations and actions, among other things, to provide employees with a wide selection of health protection products.

Our customers also apply occupational safety measures

The fact that we are on the right track with our commitment is also confirmed by our customers, who attach great importance to sustainable safety concepts in their projects. Occupational safety and health are becoming increasingly relevant when it comes to ensuring the competitiveness of companies. A convincing performance in terms of work safety is not only recognized by customers, but also rewarded - when in doubt, they opt for companies that work safely. KHS has been benefiting from this for years. This approach is also reciprocal. We in turn expect from our customers that their and our employees work in a safe environment.