Sustainability report 2017/18

Dear Reader,

For more than 150 years, KHS has stood for long-lasting and future-oriented filling and packaging systems for the beverage industry. Our pioneering achievements that still shape the industry today demonstrate our claim to have always acted in an economically sustainable manner and to implement holistic systems for our customers, helping them to achieve their own sustainability goals now and in the future.

(from left to right) Dr. Johannes T. Grobe (head of Sales and Service), Kai Acker (Chief Executive Officer), Martin Resch (head of Finance and Information Technology)

It is therefore a matter of course for us to continue to consistently pursue this approach by establishing our actions even more firmly in the context of climate and environmental protection and continuously examining the process steps into which we can integrate further measures. This means that we have to navigate between the expectations of our customers, our own performances and the global agreements on climate protection. It is important to look at the big picture from the top down so that we can face the vast number of challenges awaiting us. In this way, we consciously and unerringly take every small and big step, even if the approach towards achieving our goals harbors unforeseen obstacles or takes longer than expected. With the title theme Climate Protection Responsibility, we are clearly committed to our claim to make our contribution to innovative and sustainable systems in this perhaps most relevant issue in today's global society. We are well prepared for achieving this goal with more than 5,000 experts worldwide.

This Sustainability Report focuses on the people who work at KHS. They talk about their accomplishments and what they have achieved over the past two years. Each and every idea and development is backed by the know-how of these people who promote our economically sustainable actions. In this report, we present you with a number of data and facts as well as individual stories and background information to give you an illustrative view of the various fields of work of our employees and their concrete commitment to sustainability.

For we as a reliable partner want to continue to support our customers with our services in the future.

We wish you interesting and stimulating reading!

Kai Acker
Dr. Johannes T. Grobe
Martin Resch