Sustainability report 2017/18

Innovations: Always one step ahead thanks to 150 years of experience

KHS has had a long tradition looking at future-proof solutions and new developments from day one. The successful company history began as early as 150 years ago with pioneering inventions. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able draw on extensive cache of basic technological knowledge. The fact that we always think one step ahead shapes our approach, our claim, our attitude - and ultimately our success. Our competence in engineering means that our products meet maximum requirements and conquer markets with a strong orientation towards the future.

Dr. Jochen Ohrem is in charge of "Innovation Management" and plays a crucial role in managing the development of new products and further development of existing products at KHS.

It is thus important for us to create and live up to a climate of innovation and error management culture within the company. What has been learned in the past is indispensable in order to be able redevelop and further develop trend-setting products and systems with an entrepreneurial attitude. For this reason, we also attach great importance to constructive exchange of ideas and favor a strong team culture and communication.

We protect our innovations with industrial property rights in order to safeguard and sustainably develop new technological developments that have already been achieved. KHS has more than 4,000 active patents and patent applications. With each product development and improvement, we strive to reduce energy and media consumption further to achieve the responsible consumption of natural resources and to protect our environment to the greatest possible extent. The Innofill Glass DPG ECO filler is a good example of how even a small change can make a big difference - and how important it is for us to consider the current and possible future needs of our customers.

Our Eco process for fillers is an excellent example of the sustainable further development of existing products. Thanks to a new evacuation and CO2 purging process, we have been able to reduce the CO2 consumption of the system by up to 50% and at the same time reduce the oxygen pickup in comparison to conventional methods. This resulted in the reduced output capacity of the vacuum pump, which in turn lead to significantly lower power and water consumption. With the help of a conversion kit, KHS is also able to equip older model fillers with the advantages of the Eco process.