Sustainability report 2017/18

Compliance: voluntary commitment to sustainability

KHS is clearly committed to protecting each individual employee and supplier.

We apply the Modern Slavery Act (see info box) in our company worldwide and thereby clearly state our policy against forced labor, slavery and human trafficking for both our company and the entire value chain. It is important to us to create a working environment in which the skills and personal qualities of employees can be promoted and employees are able to develop freely. In order to comply with both legal regulations as well as our own claims, we attach great importance to regular training and further education on subjects such as anti-corruption and anti-trust laws. Our corporate policy is always committed to the ethical and moral standards of the KHS group.

KHS also has two codes that ensure a high level of compliance.

The Code of Conduct for Employees governs, among other things, the areas of applicable law, avoidance of conflicts of interest, fair working conditions, loyal and transparent reporting, safety and environmental protection, confidentiality and data protection. If they wish, our employees may confidentially contact a compliance officer appointed specifically for this purpose if they have any questions or are unsure about certain practices being in compliance with this code.

Marcel Moranz is responsible for issues related to compliance, insurance and data protection at KHS.

It is very important to us that our suppliers also pledge to uphold universal human rights and to abide by the law. For this reason, we have also established a Supplier Code of Conduct that is binding for all suppliers in the KHS Group as well as their subcontractors. We reserve the right to carry out random inspections at our suppliers' sites.