Sustainability report 2017/18

Profiting from active work in associations

Keeping up to date with the latest scientific research, swapping practical experience, achieving sustainable goals together: with its targeted commitment to select associations KHS gleans expertise relevant to the market and the industry, maintains important networks and actively contributes to the work these associations do.

Cooperating with specific associations allows our company to supplement its existing specialist knowledge with vital expertise and appraisals which can be put to good use in our commitment to sustainability. In doing so, we not only build an important foundation for our own basic research but also help to create a transparent competitive context by actively providing our own perspective on current and future problems in conjunction with the experiences made in the market environment. Networking and the exchange of information – which is of course always legally permissible and adheres to our compliance guidelines – help to regularly monitor our own strategic course. By actively participating in various workgroups, for instance, or answering questions from stakeholders at discussion meetings, we can react to relevant changes in good time and generate key incentives ourselves. KHS is particularly active in contributing to the definition and development of intercompany industry guidelines.

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schopp, head of Engineering Systems at KHS in Bad Kreuznach whose responsibilities include issues related to work with associations.

By working together within a strong organization, questions and issues relevant to our industry can also be put to politicians. Here, we have realized that issues of international relevance are becoming ever more important, such as the increase in networked manufacturing with new standards, the current progress in the field of artificial intelligence or how to deal with the consequences of trade restrictions. This is why we maintain a very special relationship with select major associations such as the German Engineering Association (VDMA). With its Blue Competence sustainability initiative, for example, this believes in encouraging many different bodies to work together – from manufacturers of components through system integrators to the customer.

KHS is committed to the above as a matter of conviction, for with component manufacturers, OEMs and users/operators all of the main stakeholders in the field of machine construction and engineering are gathered around a single table. We have thus taken the chair of the committee for the VDI 4066 guideline series: hygiene requirements for the beverage and dairy industries. We also take part in various VDMA workgroups, including Corporate Responsibility (CR), where since 2017 we have been discussing and working on sustainability issues from the industry’s point of view. In doing so, we are heightening awareness for this topic within the association and among its stakeholders and in our company itself by passing on ideas to the relevant people responsible.

One specific example of our commitment is our work on the technical and scientific committees and in the workgroups of the Research Institute for Brewing and Malting Technology in Berlin (VLB). This helps to ensure an intensive exchange of ideas regarding basic technical research and development. The knowledge we glean from research and development is immediately applied to our new generations of machines. The upgrades derived from this make machines already installed more sustainable, for instance. As the main issues tackled by technical and scientific workgroups always reflect current market trends and developments, with our commitment we ensure that we are always up to the minute and able to apply new information directly to the relevant product areas.