Sustainability report 2017/18

A company within the strong company group: 150 years of KHS

From an equipment dealer to one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative filling and packaging systems: KHS celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018. To this day, our customers benefit from our extensive know-how gained over these many years.

Over the course of its history, KHS has united the expertise of numerous pioneers and predecessors under one roof. The company was founded in Dortmund in 1868 by Karl Kappert and Louis Holstein. Their vision was to conquer the market with solutions for bottling and packaging the then new bottled beer. Over the years, this passion for innovative and promising solutions has always been crucial to the success of the company. This success began with one of the oldest inventions such as a beer filter in 1878 and the bottle brushing machine in 1906, and extends from the first palletizer for the beverage industry in 1967 to the latest innovations such as Plasmax coating technology for PET bottles in 2002, the Nature MultiPackTM in 2013 and the innovative film-free packaging solution also for beverage cans that KHS launched to the market in 2018.

With this experience and successful developments as well as our claim to success, we, as one of the leading international bottling and packaging equipment manufacturers for the food and beverage industry, have a firm place in the strong Salzgitter AG Group and are a major pillar within the technology sector. Our worldwide sales and service network enables us to work directly and personally with our customers. All benefit from this network - since it is the local experts who understand the markets, the culture and the requirements of our customers very well.

Affiliation, locations, main topics

We have been part of the technology division of Salzgitter AG for the last ten years. In the YOUNITED mission statement, the concern advocates in-house commitment in processes and more responsibility in the company with the help of six defined values. The value for 2017/2018 is customer orientation and reliability, with the associated campaign entitled Focus on customers. Based on this value, we conducted numerous interviews with our customers around the world and have gathered constructive feedback. In the future, for example, we will be focusing on further improvement of the cooperative work across all divisions. The KHS Group includes the following three companies: KHS GmbH with headquarters in Dortmund, Corpoplast GmbH in Hamburg and NMP Systems GmbH located in Kleve. 

Five of the eleven production sites are located in Germany. Here is where solutions for blocked filling and packaging systems are developed and independent competence centers are operated: in Dortmund for pasteurizers, labelers and conveying systems as well as all issues pertaining to complete filling and packaging lines; in Hamburg for PET stretch blow molding, coating and container systems; in Kleve for packaging machines, in Bad Kreuznach for process, bottling machines, keg systems and aseptic bottling machines and in Worms for palletizers. 

Outside Germany KHS operates a total of six production facilities in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India and China. The KHS is additionally represented in fifty-two countries by its own companies and offices.