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Do you sometimes also ask yourself how you can best marry your modern lifestyle with practiced environmental awareness? On the one hand society is benefiting from many things which make our daily lives easier, from first-class technology and a diverse range of all kinds of imaginable products – yet on the other it is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that many urgent questions on sustainability still have to be answered. We are all faced with the enormous challenge of how to handle our limited natural resources responsibly. What effect do our own daily actions thus have in relation to future developments and what will be the consequences thereof for our employees, our business associates and our environment?


Precisely because we are a global company, you can expect us to act with a view to the future in this respect. In the almost 150 years of our company we have learned one thing for sure: it is absolutely essential to think outside the box – not just to secure our own success but also with regard to sustainability in the interests of our customers and our environment. Systems we have developed and established locally are also and always have been international indicators of the way forward for tomorrow. Here, the focus for us is on the most pressing global challenges: as one of the world's leading providers of packaging systems one of our most important goals is to constantly reduce packaging materials, thus also positively impacting the use of resources throughout the entire production process.

We are all faced with the enormous challenge of how to handle our limited natural resources responsibly.

We thus have excellent knowledge of the design, manufacture and processing of PET bottles, for example. We are also familiar with the special advantages of this packaging system, chiefly its light weight, convenience factor and the fact that it can be reclosed. These are huge plus points when it comes to safe transportation or product protection. We are also aware of the public criticism of and discussion surrounding this material concept, however. We undoubtedly cannot answer all of the questions in this debate but would like to outline possible solutions which lie within our field of expertise as to what future packaging concepts for PET – and glass and cans – could look like. We would like to present you with a few examples of this in more detail in this report as we already supply these innovative systems – and are constantly striving to make them even better.


It is for this reason that we attach special importance to our employees. We can only come up with future-proof systems if we encourage and challenge the skills and ideas of the people who devote their services to our company on a daily basis. Their perspective is determinative and forms the starting point of each and everyone of our innovations. Joint employee initiatives with our parent company Salzgitter AG are one example of how we are holistically addressing this issue.

With our second sustainability report we hope to be able to give you an impression of the many ways in which we are committed to this topic and how, with all of you, it will continue to develop.

Best regards

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer

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