Sustainability report 2017/18

Working across the generational divide: passing on knowledge for the future

Experience cannot be purchased. It is one of the most important commodities securing the future of our company and must be cultivated accordingly in the longest possible term.

At KHS people work together across the generations in order to achieve just that. In the light of various demographic factors companies and employees alike thus benefit equally from the different perspectives and experiences of both their younger and older colleagues.

KHS promotes structures and projects in which employees of different age groups specifically work together. Provided that there is a healthy age structure within the company, the generational factor is positively exploited in this way. Ideally, the workforce encompasses people at all stages in their careers from apprentices, trainees and graduates through a great number of experienced colleagues to those who are set to start their well-earned retirement a few years hence.

Learning from one another together

If knowledge is to be transferred within the company, it is essential that all age groups work together. This goes far beyond simply showing respect for one another at work. Intergenerational cooperation is not only fueled by an atmosphere of trust and mutual appreciation but also by a powerful fount of knowledge. While young employees often pass on their fresh and unconventional ways of looking at things and an in-depth understanding of new technologies to the older generation, older members of the workforce have an endless wealth of experience and knowledge which many younger colleagues have already profited from.

We form long-term relationships

We endeavor to keep our employees loyal to our company with an eye to the future. To this end, we offer them a long-term perspective. We present career paths which are tailored to the individual wishes and skills of our employees – from their joining the company to the end of their active working life. Creating perspectives, working together in a cross-generational team, having the chance to actively contribute and assuming responsibility early on in particular all encourage individuals to strongly identify with our company – a decisive factor prompting many employees to stay with us for many years.

Knowledge past and present

Intergenerational cooperation helps to keep expertise and experience gained over many decades and critical to our success and innovative spirit within the company. This is why we have created structures and processes which help us to secure our knowledge within the corporate group in the long term. In addition to the successfully applied methods of knowledge transfer the active and sustainable planning of employees’ successors is also important, however. Here, we specifically foster talent and invest in the further development of our personnel, for example through specific successor planning. In doing so we ensure that valuable expertise is retained and permanently anchored in our company.

There is still a lot to do

In the future we will concentrate even more strongly on working across the generational divide between the KHS production sites in and outside Germany. By globally networking our employees we are building up an abundance of knowledge which can constantly grow.