Sustainability report 2017/18

Employee loyalty: without them, nothing happens

Long-term success works only in conjunction with our employees. We want to shape the future with them.

KHS pursues a far-sighted personnel development strategy whose goal is to employ not only highly qualified but also motivated and satisfied employees. A very low turnover rate of less than two percent for many years is proof of our successful work in this area.

Fair cooperation and long-term employment relationships are important to us and enable us to create real prospects for the future. We communicate transparently and explicitly and indicate to each employee his or her individual path to a future with KHS. We plan careers individually always with the focus on the abilities of our employees.

We promote talent in every stage of development.

Employees at all levels of the hierarchy benefit from further education measures that are tailored specifically to the needs of the employee. We not only train employees, but also offer trainee programs in various fields, for example the Softwerker4Future IT program praised by the German government as a best practice example. We further the development of our employees with management responsibilities through Fit4Leadership, a specially created management development program.

A practiced work-life balance offer also ensures a high level of satisfaction and work motivation.

Our customers expect reliable and efficient filling and packaging solutions from us. KHS can only live up to this claim by giving its employees the best possible support in their daily work enabling them to acquire their personal work-life balance through flexible working time models. In addition to flexitime and trust-based working hours models, we offer many employees the opportunity to temporarily do office work at home.

Our employees additionally find support in our comprehensive, high-impact health management program. For example, sustainability days are held at our sites, which in addition to the subject of health, are also dedicated to the topics of occupational safety, environmental and energy management. Regular campaigns, such as Cycling to work promote activities to keep our employees in shape and at the same time support charitable organizations.

In order to maintain our high level of efficiency, we regularly survey our employees and check their degree of satisfaction and their general working conditions. Based on the feedback, we derive appropriate measures to best support our employees.

Knowledge as a factor of production

As an operational resource, knowledge in a company becomes more and more a decisive production factor. In order to retain and further develop this knowledge in our company we use a special method that allows the know-how of employees who leave the company group to remain active. The CAMPUS knowledge organization motivates our employees to share their knowledge with others with the help of convenient software applications.

Demonstrating equal opportunity

The direction a company takes depends on the values on which it is oriented. We stand up for equal opportunity worldwide. We demand and promote equal opportunity for all people, regardless of sex, age, or ethnic origin. Examples include campaigns against bullying at work, mentoring programs, and career promotion measures for women.