Employees with sustainable ideas

Innovative solutions and ideas for our company and customers always originate in the heads of our personnel. If our employees are geared towards sustainability, there is a lot they can achieve. One example is label specialist Jennifer Rumpf.

In the development of our innovative PET products container dressing plays a decisive role. In order to develop future-proof systems in this field which are aimed at sustainability and give our customers the maximum added value, we maintain a number of special job positions. These are inevitably filled by people who specifically challenge themselves to look to the future, see things from various perspectives and prove their powers of perseverance. One of these is Jennifer Rumpf. While writing her master’s thesis in our label laboratory Jennifer tackled the question of how to characterize the suitability of film labels for processing in practical operation. She then completed our KHS Engineer4Future trainee program, gaining crucial insights into commissioning both at the factory and the installation site. Here, she realized that “the problems which arise here are chiefly caused by the poor quality of the consumables.”

To her, the solution was obvious. “In the label laboratory film and paper labels can be examined as to their processability; after assessing their quality a number of problems caused by the materials can be avoided from the start." After successfully completing the trainee program she then took over as head of the label laboratory, full of energy and enthusiasm. Jennifer Rumpf’s commitment is driven by the desire to facilitate timely prevention – and thus ensure line availability. This in turn saves on resources. “We want to support our customers by giving them good advice to prevent production problems or materials from being wasted up front.”

Varied tasks for a higher objective

Besides performing standard tests according to STLB (special technical supply and procurement conditions for paper beverage bottle labels) and various DIN standards Jennifer concentrates on the depiction and management of actual processes. She thus develops measurement methods to describe machine operability based on label testing, for instance. She also supervises students who, like herself at the beginning of her career, are writing their scientific theses in the label laboratory. In the future she will devote more time to measurement methods which characterize hot melt and cold glue.

All of these aspects are important in order to ensure that lines can run efficiently – and thus save more on resources. Jennifer Rumpf finds the diversity and unpredictable nature of her job fascinating. “I especially like working with our customers and the new challenges I face every day. As the issues vary, no two days are the same.” In her job curiosity, discipline, persistence and being open to various points of view are essential. These traits are needed to develop systems which endure in the long term – in the interests of both the customer and the efficient use of resources.