Social benefits

Our employees form the basis of our success. This is why each and every one of them should be allowed to develop his or her potential as best they can – in a pleasant working environment with attractive additional benefits.

When the people who work for us are content and motivated, the most important foundation for the success of our company has been laid. We take our responsibility to create a positive working environment and provide long-term support to our personnel seriously.

Flextime work models, ongoing further training and a fair salary have long been included in our corporate policy as a matter of course. Here, we always heed the specific situation of the individual. Together we discuss measures and create general conditions which best suit all employees.

Supporting the life/work balance

A new addition to the family must not be construed as a disadvantage to a person’s working life. We thus enable our employees to continue to take part in our informative events and further training measures during their period of parental leave. We also help to make their return to work as smooth as possible. This is why at the end of their leave we ensure that they can achieve the best possible life/work balance by offering them flexible working hours.

Attractive benefits: salaries and pensions with vision

We believe that the service the employee gives the company should be echoed by the service the company gives the employee. To show our appreciation for the time and skills our personnel invest in us, our employees receive a fair, performance-orientated salary – whether they are on the regular pay scale or not. Special services to the company are separately recognized.

We also take care of our employees’ retirement provisions with a view to the future. As part of the company pension program they can save a percentage of their salary for their retirement; we bump up these payments. In this way KHS enables its personnel to benefit from their present commitment to the company long after they have stopped work.