Occupational health and safety

Our employees are what really drive our company – and we are well aware of this. This is why it goes without saying that we assume responsibility for their health and safety in as far as this is possible.

In order to ensure that our employees work in safe conditions and stay healthy, various protective measures, occupational health care programs and specific help in an emergency are fixed features of our agenda. Clear safety regulations apply to those working on our lines and machines, with regular courses of training and instruction given on this subject at all of our production sites. Safety when working on projects beyond the factory is ensured by internationally valid manuals and checklists, regular visits to installation sites and, where required, audits.

Those responsible in the HSE KHS Group (Health Safety and Environment) regularly converse on issues pertinent to occupational health and safety and the environment and present new projects. We are also in frequent contact with our customers on this subject and stage joint workshops on occupational health and safety and the environment, for example, with Carlsberg, Heineken and Molson Coors, to name but a few.

Travel safety writ large

Our membership of the International SOS/Control Risks network ensures the safety of our employees when they are away on business trips. In this way employees in the entire KHS Group are protected when traveling abroad and can turn to multilingual teams of experts all around the world 24/7 for advice. These consist of doctors, expert medical personnel, safety experts and coordinators, with advice provided by phone and online – and of course in person in the event of an emergency. Employees can use the services provided by this network both before undertaking their journey and during it – and if there is an urgent need to do so.

  • Prior to departure employees can find out all about their destination and any events relevant to their health and/or safety.
  • During a business trip the service team is available at all times should, for instance, our employees require medical assistance, advice on how to proceed on an issue of safety or if they need replacement documents.
  • If there is an emergency, practical help is always ensured. For example, the service team will organize an ambulance service and repatriation, cover approved costs for treatment or make sure people are evacuated if there is an emergency safety incident.

An in-house KHS crisis management team is constantly prepared to cope with an emergency. In addition to this service KHS also provides its employees with international health, life and accident insurance.