Further training and development

Behind each of our innovations and successes stand our committed employees. It is thus important that we promote each and every one of them as best we can – through holistic concepts for basic and further training and a specific assumption of responsibilities regarding sustainability.

Practice makes perfect: with these words we pay special attention to the beginning of a person’s career as regards basic and further training. We believe it is particularly important to think outside the box right from the start – to learn to see things from many perspectives, to adopt various points of view and to come to different assumptions. For this reason most of our trainee programs have a conscious international bent. KHS offers trainee programs which focus on various topics. Many of our trainees, such as those in our Engineer4Future and Fit4Customer programs, spend a designated period of time at our locations outside Germany. Here, trainees work on various international projects, gaining an insight into the specific conditions prevalent in that country and being part of a non-German team for a while. Experience has shown that these assignments are of far greater value to a person’s further career than many aspects of theory: to his or her personality, experience and development; to KHS as a company; and especially to KHS’ customers.

Special skill: energy scouts

Regarding sustainability in particular we want to strengthen our employees in their desire to further develop their skills and assume responsibility. One example of this are our energy scouts who have been specially trained by the Chamber of Commerce. A number of interested trainees signed up for the course and were extensively schooled in energy efficiency and on how to save energy. As an employer we are especially pleased to see how committed these young people are, contributing their ideas to reap practical benefit from what they have learned in theory – in the interests of sustainability.

Key figures for basic and further training

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Further training courses in house



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1) Total number of all personnel development measures (each participation by an employee is counted)

102 %

Further training courses from 2015 to 2016

38 %

KHS campus (in-house further training program) from 2015 to 2016