Equal opportunities

She sees herself as an ambassador on a double mission: Ramona Brenner shows how you can make a career for yourself at KHS irrespective of your gender or origin.

As a global key account manager Ramona Brenner finds one thing extremely important: to be able to see the full picture. Only those who have a full overview can provide sound support to customers at a global level and cater for their individual needs. This basic conviction is mirrored in the details which we as a company also like to actively pay attention to: adopting a number of different perspectives, being open to variety and taking various approaches and experiences into account. For this reason we attach great importance to diversity and equal opportunities. We consciously encourage those who are underrepresented in our company. Due to the nature of our branch of industry the majority of people who work for us are men. It is thus all the more important to us that we support those women who contribute their expertise and experience to and at KHS. It also goes without saying that we integrate as many nationalities as possible into our company – all the more because we are a global company and see each new perspective as an asset.

Adopting a number of different perspectives

Ramona Brenner originally comes from Romania and has been a fixed feature of our company for nine years. The business administration graduate began her career at KHS in After Sales. She then moved to Sales and was managing director of KHS’ Romanian subsidiary for a while before taking up her current position in the Global Key Account Management Department in 2013 at the KHS plant in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. She has always been interested in technology and particularly appreciates the innovative spirit at KHS which allows her to be actively involved in new products and optimizations. As a key account manager she chiefly sees herself as an ambassador – in a dual role. "In our everyday work a key account manager is primarily an ambassador for the customer within the KHS organization – and also ambassador for KHS when he or she is with the customer."

Here, she finds it especially important to work towards long-term goals and build up a partnership. In her experience, this works best “by catering for the customer's requirements and creating a win/win situation which benefits both sides."

This statement can also be more widely applied to our attitude as a company: we want to cater for each and every employee in such a way that the best is achieved for all those involved – without restriction or prejudice. This is what we understand by equal opportunities.

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