Sustainability report 2019/20

Targeted environmental and energy management coordination

Central control, local implementation

The foundation of our corporate environmental protection policy is its integration into the processes and workflows of KHS. As the most energy and resources are consumed by our company’s production sites, this makes them the focus of the above. Here, KHS centrally develops group-wide standards and incorporates these into its local environmental and energy management systems. This approach allows us to devise and implement precise measures that take local environmental challenges into account on the one hand and the production processes specific to the site on the other.

45% of our production sites have implemented an energy management system and 55% an environmental management system and are certified according to the internationally recognized ISO standards 50001 and 14001. This is confirmed both by annual internal audits and by monitoring and recertification audits performed by external, independent bodies. We aim to further develop the systems at all production sites on the basis of these standards.

Encouraging good practice through teamwork and discussion

Environmental and energy management is a module in KHS’ holistic production system. The authoritative guidelines define requirements up to and including installation.

Closely networked environment and energy teams at the respective sites are responsible for controlling and implementing specified measures and internal audits. These teams meet once a month to discuss the various measures and the implementation thereof. Twice a year the site teams meet up with KHS headquarters to re-coordinate guidelines, measures and a number of other issues such as current consumption levels and targets. This ensures that all sites are informed of local measures, exchange information on best practices and can apply these themselves where applicable.

Finally, there is an annual management review at group level to set central goals. This is also where a superordinate list of risks and opportunities is discussed. All employees can access a summary for 2019 on the Intranet under Occupational Work and Safety/Environment/Energy.

In order to be able to reach these targets as best we can, we closely involve our employees in the process. Measures to this end include annual safety briefings, our yearly sustainability days (with the exception of 2020), screens that provide information on environmental and energy issues installed in our canteens, our KHS family day and the company Intranet Helios. With the above, we encourage our workforce to refrain from making any journeys that are not absolutely necessary and to identify and exploit their own areas of potential to help achieve our targets, among other things.