Economic responsibility

Our biggest source of motivation: to combine sustainability and added value for our customers.

Efficiency in the interests of the customer

It is our aim to provide sustainable, resource-efficient systems and products in a manner which meets the requirements of our customers to the greatest extent possible. The objective is clear: all the innovations we develop are based on the concept of sustainability. With a greater efficiency of resources we protect the environment and also create a considerable amount of added value for our customers.

This is accrued from the three pillars upon which our sustainability concept is founded and which form the basis for all of our product developments: the use of resource-saving materials during the design engineering of our lines and machines, a reduction in packaging materials as the most cost-intensive component of our customers’ day-to-day costs and a drop in the amount of media and energy used. For our customers this means that they cut down on the consumption and thus the cost of wear parts and maintenance, materials, energy, water and other media. For us economic responsibility therefore means making a contribution to sustainable and efficient production for our customers with all of our available means.

Thanks to our drive for innovation we do so by continuously further developing our range of products and services – whether through IT system solutions or automated systems on our machines. For this reason, in the field of research and development we are heavily committed to sustainability, innovative product development, modularization and standardization, service and work with associations.

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