Sustainability report 2017/18

Site performance: Results, goals, and challenges

KHS consistently treads the path of sustainable production and processes. We were able to build significantly on some of the site results from the past reporting period, while others still have potential. One thing is certain: binding goals and guidelines are important.

Those who formulate clear goals can and must stand up to comparison. For this reason, it is particularly important for us as a company as a whole as well as for our individual locations, to set target figures for more sustainable production and processes to which we are committed. Not in all instances have we already achieved our goals or will we reach them soon as hoped for. We must take an honest look at the reasons and establish conditions under which we can better implement our projects. In other areas we were able to achieve very good results, on which we want to continually build. One thing is clear: when we create and achieve binding site goals, we form the cornerstones of strong entrepreneurial activity with a clear future orientation.

The reduction of CO2 was our declared goal in the years 2016/2017 after beginning complete conversion of all German sites to green electricity in 2016. This measure alone has lastingly reduced yearly CO2 emissions and saved a total of 22,620 metric tons of CO2*. This is the absolute figure for all five locations in Germany. Nevertheless, we are aware that the status quo initially involves selective best-practice examples that illustrate our endeavors. Fact is, we are committed to significantly more CO2 reduction - and still have to work to achieve that objective on a large scale.

Nevertheless, many of our large and small structural investments, projects, and targets bear witness to the priority that CO2 reductions have for us. In addition to the directly measurable results, in countless cases we achieve indirect CO2 savings - for example, by avoiding processes, using fewer materials, and achieving energy efficiency. Many examples can be found in our product overview in chapter Saving resources.

We have achieved a significant reduction in power consumption through measures such as the replacing old lighting with LED lights and by introducing a building management system at all locations. This saves us another 545,000 kWh per year.


Ecology – Our goals for 2025

Energy consumption within the KHS Group Status quo1 Target for 20252

Power consumption [kWh]

- 12.64 %

- 8.9 %

Heating requirement [kWh]

+ 3.54 %

- 4.9 %

Water consumption [cubic meters]

- 2.86 %

+ 1.1 %3


1 As of 2018. Percentages are based on the base year 2012

Percentages are based on the base year 2018

3 Slight increase in absolute values due to the rising number of commissioned lines/machines. The aim continues to be to keep water consumption down to a minimum in individual cases.

KHS India as an international prime example

Our next important goal is to apply the corporate sustainability goals that we have successfully implemented for the KHS Group to our international locations as well. But even if this is still an open issue, we have already achieved a clear international performance. The example of India demonstrates how sound environmental protection can be established in other countries as well. This country has even become a pioneer in the use of renewable energy. Thanks to an extensive sustainability program, KHS India has excellent sustainability credentials in many aspects: from switching to "green" energy through waste prevention and recycling programs, automated power savings in conference rooms, LED lighting, up to and including the social aspects of sustainability in terms of employee support and workplace organization. In 2018, KHS India received the Times Network Strategy Award for its commitment, and was awarded gold by the Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) for its 5S method of workplace organization (an instrument to keep workplaces and their surroundings safe, clean, and tidy). The next big objective has already been formulated: by 2026, this site intends to become certified as a Green Factory Building by the Indian Green Building Council.

Detailed information on the sustainability commitment of KHS India can be found in the our customer magazine KHS competence.

Standardization is particularly important to us internationally: we work according to ISO standards and other key certifications at all of our sites. A detailed description can be found in chapter Site-based audits.