Sustainable production

We should get to grips with what we can do ourselves: according to this motto we make our own production as sustainable as possible.

For us, sustainability starts with the choice of the raw materials we need to build our machines. We are thus always mindful of the durability and value of these materials. One example of this is that we use glass instead of plastic housings for our filling machines. The windows thus do not cloud during cleaning intervals which reduces the maintenance effort. The glass can also be 100% recycled when the machine is scrapped.

As we have production sites all over the world, we help to avoid covering long distances for transportation; this also creates jobs, generates greater customer proximity and cuts down on our carbon footprint.

Lean manufacturing

In order to establish uniform prerequisites and processes for production which are committed to the issue of sustainability we have developed KHSps – a production system which is practiced at all of our sites worldwide. This ensures that standards apply to all areas relevant to production. These include tools for the organization and methods of production, training courses and regular online coordination meetings once a quarter where our international plants swap their knowledge and experiences. The aim here is to create better processes regardless of the country and site of production, to strengthen communication in this respect and to generally heighten awareness for international exchange.

The team (Patrick Bürger and Julia Arndt) headed by Angela Souza (middle) has successfully applied itself to the topic of lean manufacturing in the last few years.

All of our factories should work as closely to this process as possible, even if – as in the USA and India – they do not have a flow production setup. The concrete measures and benefits, from which not only KHS but also our customers profit, include clean and tidy production sites where occupational health and safety is writ large. Another important aspect of KHSps is the uniform structure of our plants, for example in the fixed color and layout schemes. We would also like to improve the process and quality of assembly and our delivery performance. This allows us to cut down on our lead times and commission our systems faster.