Saving resources at all levels

Concerning the matter of resource efficiency we consider it our business as a company to set an example, dictate the agenda and encourage the individual’s sense of responsibility. With our goals for 2020 and our energy and environmental guidelines we have drawn up important regulations and criteria governing the handling of resources at our German production sites. Our understanding of responsible environmental protection does not end with our adhering to legal provisions. We exploit the opportunities we have as a company – namely by using green electricity in Germany, for example. We also rely on each of our employees to make use of the options available to them personally. This starts with day-to-day actions – such as turning off devices and lights and making a conscious decision as to whether and how documents are printed – to larger decisions – such as which type of company car should be provided by the vehicle fleet or whether a business trip can be replaced by a phone or video conference call.

Ecology – our targets for 2020

Energy consumption within the KHS Group Status quo* Goal for 2020*

Energy consumption [kWh]

-16,5 %

-9,7 %

Gas consumption [kWh]

-3,1 %

-7,6 %

Water consumption [m3]

-3,8 %

-4,5 %

* Percentages refer to basis year 2012

In order to ideally encourage the individual responsibility and expertise of our employees regarding sustainability, we have supplemented our annual safety training courses to include various environmental and energy issues. In this way our personnel are regularly given valuable information on the subject of energy consumption and how to deal with waste and hazardous materials. In addition to the above we also hold special training courses on saving resources and stage our own sustainability days featuring an informative and entertaining range of activities which focus on occupational health and safety, energy and the environment. These activities also include talks and practical exercises. It is our aim to permanently sensitize our employees to this topic and to give them ideas they can apply to their own everyday (working) lives. This applies worldwide – also and especially to managerial staff who have the role of setting an example.