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PET, glass, cans – do you want a conventional container or something completely different? Selecting a type of packaging and opting for a specific material are not always easy choices for our customers to make as they have to weigh up and take into account many different fundamental considerations.

The care involved in the handling of our resources is taking on an ever more important role – both for companies and end consumers. However, there is often a lack of reliable information on the sustainability of various materials. As a supplier, we understand sustainable packaging to be a type of packaging that reduces and saves on materials and energy consumption to the greatest possible extent. Transparent communication is especially important to us for this reason. There are, after all, countless factors which speak in favor of or against a certain type of container when contemplating individual filling requirements. We are thus happy to advise our customers individually and extensively in order to help them decide which container best suits them and their beverage. It is important, however, to study the options for yourself.

  • PET
  • CANS


  • Light, unbreakable, reclosable and shape retentive.
  • Low weight means fewer transportation emissions and thus a smaller carbon footprint
  • Can be easily reused: Over 90% of the PET bottles used in Germany are recycled back to bottles. More than 99% of used bottles are recycled. More than 99% of all used PET bottles are recycled.
  • Returnable PET can be refilled up to 25 times


  • Is made of natural raw materials which are permanently available
  • High level of product protection and a pure taste
  • Can be recycled into new glass packaging any number of times with no loss of quality
  • Returnable glass bottles can be reused up to 50 times


  • Light and unbreakable
  • Excellent product protection (impermeable to light and gas)
  • Over 95% recyclable: high recycling rate for a low carbon footprint
  • Marketing benefits through individual printing, embossing and shape