Sustainability report 2017/18

Climate protection responsibility: our entrepreneurial commitment

For more than 150 years, we have been developing innovative filling and packaging systems for the international beverage industry. Whether innovation milestones of the first hour or further development into efficient high-performance systems. Whether initial container designs with completely new materials up to ultra-lightweight bottles or packing systems without secondary packaging - it has always been matter of offering our customers the best solution for their added-value processes while clearly focusing on conserving on or reusing resources. The big responsibility of which we are well aware. Important is seeing the overall picture from above which helps us to correctly recognize the challenges in the global context of climate protection and to act accordingly with foresight. We want to make our active contribution here with our own actions and innovations. How successful we have already been with this approach and which challenges that lie ahead are illustrated in this Sustainability Report.

We have intentionally titled our Sustainability Report 2017/2018 "Climate Protection Responsibility".

In conjunction with our customers and other stakeholders, and not least from the point of view of our employees, we see that this inter-company issue has long been the global challenge of our time in which we want to actively participate with solutions. We do this as a company that is bound by both tradition as well as future-oriented innovations. Our sense of tradition already geared towards solutions for tomorrow. With this attitude, we are also aware of the experience that these solutions often evolve in different ways and at different speeds.

The aim nevertheless remains to further reduce CO2 emissions together with energy, material and thus resource consumption in our own company as well as in our product and service solutions. At the same time, we want to continue to increase the efficiency of our own performance as well as that of our systems through increased use of intelligent digitization options for example. We thus offer our customers best solutions for climate protection since sustainability issues are also becoming increasingly important not only to them but their end customers as well. When we develop plastic containers, for example, that, thanks to their low weight, save significant amounts of material, or are made of recycled raw materials or contribute to increasing the amount of recyclable raw materials, we improve the carbon footprint throughout the manufacturing process and packaging itself. This approach requires a continuous critical view of existing processes and our willingness to look beyond well-worn paths for solutions to the next steps.

For this, each individual step is equally as important as each and every employee in our workforce. Because every step towards our progress is backed by people from KHS who contribute their own ideas and sustainability efforts for more climate responsibility - they are the face of our entrepreneurial commitment.

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