The KHS sustainability report

As a global company we find it important to accept responsibility – in the interests of our customers and partners, for our employees and for our environment. It thus goes without saying that we wish to give a transparent account of our commitment to the issues of sustainability. In our second sustainability report we will show which milestones we have already reached, which concrete measures, key figures and developments we are currently working on and which challenges we still face.

In doing so we have based our report on the internationally recognized global reporting initiative (GRI), a sustainability reporting standard. The KHS sustainability report is published every two years and gives an insight into our strategy and corporate management, social commitment, ecological awareness and economic responsibility. This report contains standard information from the GRI guidelines on sustainability reporting.


Julia Arndt, Mario Beck, Tim Becker, Fabienne Böing, Ramona Brenner, Gottfried Eisenberg, Paul Kaiser, Bernd Kempa, Thomas Klempner, Inga Lindstaedt-Meister, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer, Joachim Peinemann, Ralph Pentinghaus, Michael Schlegel, Christian Schlichtenbrede, Yatindra Sharma, Angela Souza, Dr. Peter Stelter, Jan Stöckemann, Karsten Vollmer, Marc Weinberg, Arne Wiese, Kristina Yabar-Jilka


Nicole Pohl (KHS), NetFederation


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