Sustainability report 2017/18

About the KHS Sustainability Report

As an international company, KHS is committed to providing innovative filling and packaging systems manufactured according to the highest quality standards. This is also reflected in our demands placed on reporting.

Although we are a wholly owned subsidiary of Salzgitter's Klöckner-Werke GmbH and are currently not legally subject to reporting requirement, in 2015 we decided in favor of reporting about our sustainability commitment at two-year intervals. For the first time in this report, we have used the G4 Guideline on Sustainability Reporting of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for compiling the structure and content of the report. In doing so, we want to achieve a high level of comparability with the content of other sustainability reports and want to be on par with compulsory reports in accordance with international standards.

As part of this process, we have identified and defined the content for this report through a multi-stage process for you as a reader. In the first step, we used the International GRI Guideline Catalog as a basic guideline and assigned the topics indicated therein to in-house functional departments. Next, internal stakeholders evaluated these GRI topics with regard to relevance for both KHS and the main topics for our customers.

In the third step, we reviewed the sustainability of our customers' primary fields of action and compared them with our content based on what is known as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). In doing so, we discovered that we are primarily dealing jointly with numerous issues relating to climate protection and sustainable, responsible production and responsible consumption by each and every one of us. The topics that have been carefully identified as being essential ultimately constitute the structural and contentual basis for this Sustainability Report.

As a result, we agreed on "Climate Responsibility - Our Commitment to Sustainable Solutions" as the title for this topic that forms the central theme throughout the entire report. Nicole Pohl, Senior Online Manager Corporate Communication at KHS, is responsible for the Sustainability report project management and strategic contentual derivation process.

For our third voluntary sustainability report, we are guided entirely by international reporting standards and guidelines. In this way, we offer our stakeholders the greatest possible contentual proximity to those sustainability reports that are legally required to work with these standards and guidelines.

Nicole Pohl
Senior Online Manager Corporate Communication
Sustainability report project manager


Kai Acker, Johannes T. Grobe, Martin Resch, Florian Lerche, Dr. Jochen Ohrem, Dr. Alexander Bach, Marcel Moranz, Ulrich Schniedergers, Katja Kuhlmann, Gottfried Eisenberg, Christiane Lügger, Stefan Steinberg, Dr. Matthias Schopp, Thomas Stienen, Rolf Staab, Dr. Robert Grefrath, Heiko Stötzel, Marc Weinberg, Christiane Wells, Lothar Sevenich, Ralf Pentinghaus, Francis Hankel, Frederic Nitka, Jürgen Boos, Inga Lindstädt-Meister, Joachim Peinemann, Tom-Philipp Mannheim, Matthias Jansen, Tim Becker, Christopher Stuhlmann, Ralf Naujoks, Arne-Fritz Wiese, Vesela Helwes, Philipp Langhammer, Marco Böhnke, Manfred Härtel, Knut Soltau, Karl-Heinz Klumpe, Ernst Van Wickeren, Cornelius Lennart Adolf, Roger Daum, Matthias Hahn, Edgar-Georg Petsche, Christoph Wiesenack


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