A company with values: KHS

Able to look back on almost 150 years of innovation based on a wealth of comprehensive expertise, KHS combines tradition with progress in the long term.

As a leading international manufacturer of filling and packaging systems for the beverage and food industries KHS enjoys a long tradition. Driven by the desire to tread new paths while providing top service, in 1868 Karl Kappert and Louis Holstein founded the company in Dortmund, Germany. Their vision was to be the first to build filling systems for what was then the new commodity of bottled beer. The innovative spirit which enabled this success still characterizes KHS today. In 1993 Holstein & Kappert AG merged with Seitz-Werke GmbH. As a subsidiary of Salzgitter AG KHS now develops and manufactures the full range of filling and packaging machines at five plants within Germany. Besides these factories in Germany KHS also operates production facilities in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India and China.

We develop and manufacture very durable, reliable and energy-efficient lines and machines which satisfy the demand for sustainability throughout their entire life cycle. This is also demonstrated by our local worldwide service which is available 24/7. In 2016 KHS was able to achieve a turnover of about €1.18 billion.

Every day our 4,995 employees ensure that our values of reliability, responsibility and ethical behavior are mirrored in all areas of our work. Together we are constantly working on new systems and innovative products – all driven by the issues of sustainability. The satisfaction of our customers and successful cooperation and partnerships re-endorse our actions and policies every single day.